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On 31st December 2019, pneumonia of unknown cause was reported in China. This led to the outbreak being declared an international health concern on 30th January 2020. On 11th February 2020 WHO announced the name of the new lung infection: coronavirus-COVID-19.

Since then countries have been fighting to stop the pandemic that has by 5th May 2020 been reported in 215 countries. The disease has not spared anyone; the developed world, the third world,  young,old,poor or rich.

Statistics indicate 3,525,116 confirmed cases and 243,540 confirmed deaths globally by 5th May 2020.

Countries are fighting two main challenges: the disease and the inevitable economic collapse.

Affecto Foundation Kenya, educates and empowers tens of students from economically challenged backgrounds across the country. These are students whose dreams to be in school were only realized after qualifying for scholarship opportunities from the organization.

Our stars (program beneficiaries) don't just qualify to be in scholarship, they become members of a larger family of kindness and all round  holistic care. They are taught self esteem, hope and determination. They are inspired to grow as a team and family, a unit of champions. Indeed as our motto states, we endeavour to influence care daily.

Economic challenges have affected the poor the most. Our beneficiaries have not been spared; some going for nights without a meal.

As part of Affecto's holistic care, a food distribution program was developed. We have been feeding Affecto families rations to last them a couples of weeks. This program is in continuum during this difficult period, our families are attended with utmost care while following the Ministry of Health guidelines on masking and social distancing.

Our Stars and their families are individually interviewed at the beginning of the program, some do have specific health needs.  These challenges have to be factored in as well especially now.

With the help of our Kenyan well wishers 250 persons will benefit from AFFECTO Food Program.

The initiative is ongoing and you can be part of this life changing journey. Partner with us by sending your gift to :

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